Reliable hvac corvallis oregon services are going to be found with Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. If you’d like to see how we can offer a 10-year warranty on residential installs, then reach out to us today. We are happy to say that all of the pumps that we use are engineered and assembled in the United States, so let us know if that is something you are interested in. If you are looking for a long-lasting powder coat finish for your pump, then understand that that is what you can expect from us. Also, ask about the electric air cleaners we proudly install for our clients such as yourself.

quality finishes are going to be expected and received from our hvac corvallis oregon projects that you put Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. on top of. We would like to get started on your project today so we will be able to show that it is going to last and look great for years. When our heat pumps are equipped they come with a low sound fan and also offer the latest Energy savings possible. We would like to give you a lasting performance for years to come, to see how our ductless heat pumps and other products are going to do this.

Proudly installing hvac corvallis oregon services to our Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. clients means that we are going to allow you to receive the Best Brands we could work with. We believe in Fujitsu heat pumps that are going to be a popular and easy option. because they do not require any type of ductwork it also means that it’s going to be slim and take up as little space as possible. Let us know if you have an older home as this is usually a great option for that. If your home does not have any existing deck to work, we know we can help.

to find out more information about the ductless system that you can get from Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., make sure that you reach out to us today. We will tell you that you have the opportunity to allow separate heads to customize to your needs and make sure that your home is going to be as comfortable as possible. We also have gas and electric furnace options as we install your work furnaces. We are very proud of this fact and we would like for you to see that for yourself.

Whether you are interested in trying to get ready for the winter season or the summer season, give Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today at the number 541-926-5593. We will be able to answer any questions that you may have and help you understand that we will give you a warm, comfortable, and safe house all season long. To see what other customers have had to say about our services go online to our website at This website is going to show you that we have the best installation possible.

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gas furnaces and other types of hvac corvallis oregon products to get from Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are going to meet EPA energy efficiency standards. We believe in providing the best services and products possible and that is why we can give you a wide range of units that can fit your house and your budget. let us tell you about the lifetime heat exchanger warranty we have as well so you can see that you can get a 10-part warranty when it comes to the registration of your equipment.

believing in hvac corvallis oregon benefits for all of our Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. customers which means that you are going to get the best experience possible. Let us know what your preference is when it comes to electric and gas furnaces and we will be able to tell you about how we can produce both. When it comes to gas furnaces, you will know and understand that they use heat faster than an electric one. Gas furnaces are usually cheaper to run but if you are worried about using gas electric furnaces that may be the best option for you.

Our hvac corvallis oregon professionals at Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can tell you that electric furnaces are usually going to be cheaper to install because they do not use gas. This also means that it requires ventilation but it is all going to be up to your choice. let us know if you’re interested in air scrubbers and we can tell you how it directly attaches to your age of work. it is going to be a part of a process that removes harmful pollution and surface contaminants. You can also say goodbye to pet dander, odors, just, and more.

If you are tired of your allergies, then let Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. possibly take care of that problem for you. By removing 99% of service in Airborne contaminants, we know that you are going to notice a huge difference in the air that you are breathing. Let us tell you about our air scrubber. It’s going to let you live in your home with clean air. It is going to be inexpensive and it can reduce harmful contaminants that are making your system not work as efficiently as it could be.

smooth processes and amazing professionals are going to be found with Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. if you’d like to give us a call today, then do so at the number 541-926-5593. we would like for you to understand that we can protect your system in many ways possible. If you’d like to find out more information about how your system could collect us, then go online to our website at This is where you will see free information on how we can save you from expensive breakdowns and maintenance. reach out to us today for the best info. We’ll do it right.