Products and Services

Rice Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc understands that you have a need and we are there to help you find a solution. All of our services are quoted before the work begins, so you never need to worry about “hidden costs”. From courteous and knowledgeable service technicians to well-stocked service trucks, everything we do is directed to providing you with the quality service you’ve come to expect. As a trade ally contractor of the Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help with cash incentives and Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credits to improve the energy efficiency of your home. We have friendly and courteous sales personnel and office staff. At Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., it is our goal to offer you the highest quality products available because quality is our business! Rice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. carries a variety of heating and cooling products for your home and business. We carry popular heating and cooling brands such as York® and Fujitsu.

York® Air Conditioners – We are a proud installer of York® Air Conditioners. When summer finally hits Oregon, you can find comfort in your home on those hot days. York® offers a wide range of options for air conditioners. Hey are built with a direct drive fan that runs quietly with minimal noise or vibration. With a York® air conditioner, you can be confident that your system will provide lasting savings, while providing you and your family the comfort you deserve. York® air conditioners come with a 10-year parts warranty upon registration of the equipment.

Heat Pumps – We are a proud installer of York® Heat Pumps. Ducted heat pumps offer an energy efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners and are suitable for all climates. A heat pump is essentially a high-performance air conditioning with the capability of producing heat also. It does so by reversing the refrigeration cycle.  Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from a cool space to a warm one. This makes the cool space cooler, and the warm space warmer. They are reliable and offer a 10-year warranty on residential installs. York® heat pumps are engineered and assembled in the United States and have a long-lasting powder coat finish that provides a quality finish that looks good for years. In addition, heat pumps are equipped with a low sound fan. Heat pumps offer the latest energy savings and lasting performance for years to come.

Ductless Heat Pumps – We are a proud installer of Fujitsu heat pumps. Ductless systems are a popular and easy option since they do not require ductwork. They also are slim and take up much less space. This is a great choice if you own an older home, or a home without existing ductwork. Ductless systems allow you to have separate heads in order to customize your needs.

Gas and Electric Furnaces – We are a proud installer of York® Furnaces. When Winter arrives, the last thing you want is a cold house. Installing a new furnace can provide you with a warm, comforting, safe house all season long. York® gas furnaces meet the U.S. EPA energy efficient standards. With York®, there is a wide range of units fit for every house, and every budget. York® has a lifetime heat exchanger warranty, and a 10 parts warranty upon registration of equipment. Based on your preference, York® manufactures both electric and gas furnaces. Gas furnaces can heat faster than an electric one and are generally a little cheaper to run. However, if you are concerned about using gas, electric furnaces are the way to go. Electronic furnaces are generally cheaper to install, do not use gas, and require less ventilation. Whatever your choice may be, we can get it.

Air Scrubbers – An air scrubber directly attaches to the HVAC ductwork. This process removes harmful pollution, surface contaminants, pet dander, odors dust and can also reduce allergies. In fact, it can remove up to 99% of surface and airborne contaminants.   An air scrubber allows you to live in a home, with cleaner air. This is an inexpensive way to reduce harmful contaminants but also make you heating and cooling system work smoother. An air scrubber also protects your system from collecting dust buildup, possibly saving you on expensive breakdowns and maintenance. 

Electric Air Cleaners – We proudly install Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners. This advanced filtration system is a wonderful addition to your HVAC system. It provides extra filtration and assists with reducing pet dander and allergens. It works hard to eliminate excess airborne particles and provides safer air to breath. This filter system is low maintenance, and only requires washing the filter every 6-12 months, not replacing it with a disposable paper filter. Electronic air filters are compatible with a variety of heating and cooling systems; electric and gas and are built with a zinc coated cabinet that is built to last.

Superior air quality at home is an essential component of your family’s health and comfort. Many allergies are caused by indoor contaminants, but the proper air filtration system works to eradicate these bothersome elements from the air you breathe. It also prevents dangerous viruses and molds from circulating through your home. We can install air filtration that works in conjunction with your existing heating and air conditioning system.

Filters – The filters greatly reduce the percentage of dust, pollen and allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds, pet dander, and tobacco smoke in the air in your home. They also eliminate pesky odors; the smell of frying onions in the kitchen won’t be transferred to every room in the house. Since heating and air conditioning ducts may foster the growth of certain bacteria and allow for dust and particles to collect, air filters are an essential addition to your home comfort system.

Refrigerant – With all air conditioner and heat pump installations Rice Heating and Air uses R-410A refrigerant. Since R-410A lacks chlorine, it is safer for the ozone, and keeps your air conditioner or heat pump operating safely and efficiently.